AirTac Customs ABS CRBN Gen 2 Upper (Pre-Order ETA 10 February)

The AirTac Customs CRBN Gen 2 is here!

They are a sleek way to turn any build into a lightweight beast, made with REAL carbon fiber for strength and durability.

The ABS Gen 2 sports multiple upgrades! We've changed the threads and nylon of the uppers and they're now much stronger! They are now made of impact-resistant ABS polymer, and available in a multitude of beautiful colors. We've also added a fiber-optic front sight for faster target acquisition.

All uppers are cross-compatible, so you can swap your tubes and parts between any of your CRBN Gen 2 uppers! 

This AirTac Customs ABS CRBN Gen 2 Upper Includes:

AirTac Customs ABS CRBN Upper Gen 2:

  • CNC Machine milled to perfection
  • Upgraded ABS polymer front sight and thread piece
  • Included Fiber Optics Rods (Green and Red)
  • Available in Glossy Black, Matte Black, Red, Blue, Purple, Silver, and Gold tube colors
  • Real lightweight carbon fiber

Compatible with:

  • Polarstar Fusion Engine (Drop In)
  • Any V2-compatible HPA engine (F2, Jack, Inferno, N7, etc.) (Requires CRBN Gearbox)
  • Designed for G&G polymer lower receivers (SSG1, ARP9). We cannot guarantee fitment with other brands
  • CRBN Uppers are EXCLUSIVELY compatible with MAXX Hopup Chambers (ME, M4P, M4A)
  • AirTac Customs CRBN Gearbox
  • some fitment may be required.

199,00 €

  • Available
  • Disponibile in 15 Giorni1

AirTac Customs x MAC CRBN Gearbox

The ATC x MAC CRBN Gearbox is Here!

In partnership with MAC, known for their receivers, barrels, and gearboxes, we're releasing a huge batch of CRBN gearboxes for your CRBN Uppers! (CRBN Gen 2 coming Christmas)

This CRBN Gearbox allows you to use a CRBN Upper with ANY V2 airsoft replica engine system! It's now possible to use Polarstar drop-in engines such as the F2, F1, and Jack in your build, as well as Wolverine and Redline engines!

Expand the capability of your CRBN upper builds with an AirTac Customs CRBN Gearbox!

This AirTac Customs CRBN Gearbox includes:

AirTac Customs CRBN Gearbox:

  • Machine milled to perfection
  • Included centering grub screws for HPA engine
  • Gearbox screws for both halves
  • Matte black finish
  • Allows compatibility of a CRBN Upper with any drop-in HPA engine
  • Does not include selector plate or trigger board screw

Compatible with:

  • [CRBN] G&G-style V2 Lowers (SSG1, ARP9, SSG556, etc)
  • Any other V2 lower, upper, and grip.

69,00 €

  • Available
  • Disponibile in 15 Giorni1

AirTac Customs Aluminum Endcap (Pre-Order ETA 10 February)


This AirTac Customs Aluminum Endcap includes:

AirTac Customs Aluminum Endcap:

  • Anodized in a high-quality matte finish
  • Available in red, blue, purple, gold, and grey
  • M5 screw and nut to replace a spring guide for lightweight installation

Compatible with:

  • G&G-style V2 Lowers (SSG1, ARP9, SSG556, etc) (Buffer tube mod/cut required)
  • We recommend using G&G lowers, but Marui-style endcaps are coming soon!

39,00 €

  • Available
  • Disponibile in 15 Giorni1