AR9LE Body Set **PRE-Order - ETA 30 June**

AR9 L.E. Complete Set: (FIT X9 Magazine)


CNC EndCap

CNC Selector Retroarms BK

Body PIN 

V Carbon Fiber Handguard  Set 6" or 8" (included UL Outer Barrel Carbon Fiber 6" or 8" and Front Sight RED)NB:**Write the chosen Color Outer Barrel in Order Note**

MSG CNC GRIP (Compatible with 3 Reg, Storm; Cat5; Polarstar Micro) NB:**Write the chosen Reg Adapter in Order Note**

Cerakote Finish / Splatter INCLUDED

NB:  Write the chosen color in the order notes, See Option Color  clik on "Cerakote Option Color "  at the top of the page, for Splatter

Write color in the order notes, (Base Color and Splatter Color) 

449,00 €

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