Gorilla Mini FCU is a really tiny control unit designed for any traditional HPA system and can be configured via Bluetooth. 

Thanks to this, you can adjust the settings in seconds, without having to disassemble the replica. It have the same features from traditional Gorilla FCU (plus a couple more) with lower power drain and board size.

Installation on single and double solenoid systems:

Gorilla Mini FCU allows you to replace the FCUs of the most used HPA systems on the market, both single solenoid or double solenoid, without removing any function,

actually adding new ones!

Single Shot or Full Auto? With the Gorilla Mini FCU you have the ability to choose your favorite fire modes and put them in your favorite sequence!

This can be done on major HPA systems (some require our Trigger Board or a compatible one like Polarstar or Redline).

Gorilla Mini FCU doesn't fear humidity and rain thanks to a simple but effective surface treatment and a meticulous choice of integrated components.

Download from your app store and start playing (Available on Play Store and Apple Store).

Main features:

-Can be installed inside the gearbox leaving more space for the battery.

-Protection against bouncing (no more fluctuation ROF cheats).

-You can have both a precision DMR replica and a "Highlander killer" thanks to different parameters between SEMI and AUTO.

-You can chose between Closed and open Bolt (it is physically possible only on double solenoid systems).

-Avoid dry fire thanks to the Magazine Counter or even simulate a midcap using ammo: choose the capacity of your magazine, save the settings and that's it. Once those shots are fired, the limit is reset by holding the trigger for 3 seconds

-Burst mode available in both SEMI and AUTO.

-Static friction parameter to overcome the inertia and friction of the first shot after keeping the replica inactive for a few minutes.

-Sniper delay function with waiting up to 6 seconds before being able to shoot again.

-Unresettable total shot counter

-Partial shot counter resettable

-Tracer output / electric chargers (gellball style) that can be deactivated from the app without having to physically disconnect it.

-Presets preloaded in the app to start from a simple base of configurations

-Estimated value of the ROF: by modifying the AUTO parameters you will see how many shots per second you can make with your replica.

-You can save and load infinite presets: this will let you to swap different configurations in seconds.

-Bluetooth with auto-shutdown after 5 minutes: it can be activated and deactivated at any time by holding the trigger pulled for 8 seconds on SEMI position.

-Ultra-low standby power consumption: a tiny 300mah battery can last up to 200 hours.

-Water resistant.

-Lock the writing of every parameter thanks to the Tournament Lock to participate in events with the most demanding organizers.

-DualTrigger mode, better known as Binary, to be faster than your opponent.

-Play paintball features like RAMP.

-Invert SEMI and AUTO position using the “Inverted Fire Mode” or use it to associate different functions to your fire selector positions.

-Battery status information.

We always reccomend to carefully read MANUAL to avoid damages and to reach the best performance with your board.


*Full Kit comes with cables and Trigger Board


129,00 €

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Gorilla *Polarstar Trigger Board

Gorilla *Polarstar Trigger Board

25,00 €

  • Available
  • consegna in 24/48h1


The Gorilla MFCU is not a fire control unit as you know it but designed to fit HPA gearboxes and be a triggerboard

at the same time.

Another transformation in airsoft pushing it in to the future. With an Magnetic triggerboard sensing trigger activity tight to

it’s software. Tweaking your setup is even more easier and change it to any occasion with just switching between profies.

Because of this, you can adjust the settings in seconds, without having to take the replica and gearbox apart.

!! Only for v2 gearboxes


Magnetic selector plate

Magnet holder for trigger

2x solenoids cables

1x mFCU

*trigger on picture not included.

Instalment with single and double solenoids.

The Gorilla FCU allows you to replace the FCU’s of the most widely used HPA systems on the market, whether they are single solenoids or double solenoids. Without removing any functions, even adding some!

Single shot or full-auto?

With the Gorilla FCU, you have the option to choose between single shot and full-auto within a moments notice! This can be done with every HPA system (for some systems, the Gorilla Trigger Board is required or alternatively a compatible one like the Polarstar or Redline) and saved for later use. The Gorilla FCU also works on rainy days and protects your batteries from complete discharge.

The FCU connector allows you to connect it directly to all Polarstar products as well as the Redline N7 and the SR-E.


169,00 €

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Included FCU With Magnetic Trigger


179,00 €

  • Available
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